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We just love cocktails - Martini's especially


we decided to make our own gin  

Coachman Dry Gin

History in a Bottle


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Dive into the roots of Coachman Dry Gin's heritage, where the saga of Kristineholm Manor spans nine generations.


This legacy began as a haven for weary coachmen, offering them a fleeting moment of comfort, an opportunity to switch horses, and a revitalizing sip of relief within its welcoming walls.


As the years rolled on, the manor transformed into a busy farm, silently bearing witness to the change of the seasons and the tales of countless lives lived. With the increasing harvests, a notable chapter came to the forefront—a time when additional help was warmly welcomed and rewarded, not merely with monetary compensation, but with the kinship and warmth found in the shared experience of house-brewed beer and snaps.


The essence of Coachman Dry Gin carries a hint of the manor's past—the avian print that splendidly decorates the back of the label, a design reproduced from an original hand-painted wallpaper that still decorates a room in Kristineholm Manor.


Holding a legacy that spans over three centuries, it is a living emblem of the timeless elegance that encapsulates both the manor and our distinguished gin label.



'No shortcuts - No Excuses.'


These words express our commitment to crafting exceptional gin with steady dedication.


Our journey begins with the careful selection of botanicals, where we leave no stone unturned to find the finest ingredients. We take our time to source herbs and spices of the highest quality, ensuring that each one contributes to the distinct character of our gin.

But our dedication doesn't stop there. We've mastered the art of distillation, where precision meets patience. Our distillers meticulously oversee every batch, allowing time to work its magic in creating a unique and unmatched flavor profile.


Yes, it might take a bit longer, and we're willing to put in that extra effort. We do this because we believe that excellence is worth the wait, and perfection demands dedication. We don't cut corners, and we never make excuses, because we're committed to delivering a gin experience that's truly exceptional.

So, when you savor a glass of our gin, know that it's a result of our passion, our commitment, and our refusal to compromise on quality. Here's to a gin that's in a league of its own – a testament to keeping it real and top-notch with Coachman Dry Gin. Cheers!



"Embark on an adventure with our exceptional gin, a labor of love crafted from a harmonious blend of juniper, angelica root, coriander, mandarin, fresh ginger, timut pepper, and the subtle elegance of Oolong tea.


At the heart of our gin, juniper's timeless piney essence intertwines gracefully with the earthy undertones of angelica root. Meanwhile, the delicate interplay of coriander and mandarin infuses the spirit with a perfect balance of gentle spice and citrusy brightness.


Fresh ginger, with its invigorating warmth, adds a layer of complexity, inviting your senses to explore every nuance. And as an extra touch, the exotic timut pepper imparts a teasing note that elevates the gin to a new level of creativity, while the Oolong tea introduces a subtle, tea-infused sophistication.


Each of these carefully selected elements comes together in a harmonious dance, creating a symphony of flavors that not only redefine the art of gin but also invite you to enjoy every sip, appreciating the intricate craftsmanship and dedication that make our gin truly exceptional."


Unlock the Art of Mixology: Crafting Exceptional Cocktails with Coachman Gin. Elevate Your Sip & Stir Experience with Premium Spirits

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